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a community for creative entrepreneurs that embraces a wholehearted approach to business.

Our founder Kristin Sweeting started the Dangerous Mastermind to help creatives go deeper in to the friendships and community, challenge expectations, do things differently, embrace love instead of stress or hustle, and laugh so freaking much we all grow some abs. We hope you'll join us!

meet the team...

Kristin Sweeting is a wedding photographer and business coach based in Nashville, TN. She helps brands and businesses shine through intentional imagery and strategic coaching.

Kristin has 13+ years of experience photographing weddings and thoughtful brands worldwide, and 8+ years of mentoring experience creating scalable systems and supportive communities for creative entrepreneurs wanting to make a big impact.

She believes that people matter most. She believes in a way of doing business and creating art that helps creatives become the healthiest version of themselves, builds community, and changes culture. Kristin's built her coaching business on the pillars of being true to yourself, radically inclusive, open, accepting, and curious. Her goal is to help you find more clarity, joy, and purpose while bringing home the bacon (like the really fancy organic bacon). 

Kristin Sweeting, founder and CEO

Lauren coaches personal service businesses and owns a salon in Nashville, TN. She has worked in many aspects of small business in various industries including distribution, education, business management, the music industry… Let’s just say her career path has been more of a jungle gym than a ladder, which makes her approach innovative and unique. 

Her favorite things to do are create career paths, help owners find multiple income streams, price raises and help owners design a schedule, team and work life they love. 

When she's not coaching she's overseeing her brick and mortar business, hiking in Tennessee with her family, and watching standup. 

Lauren Gish

Jen Madigan is a lifestyle photographer and virtual assistant based outside of Chicago, IL with 13+ years of experience in the creative entrepreneur world, and 3 years of mentoring experience with Dangerous Creatives.

Jen's expertise is in brainstorming, problem solving, and finding the most efficient path to the desired end result. She helps visionary creative business owners spend more time in their Zone of Genius by helping them streamline their business through automations, systems, and outsourcing. 

In her free time, Jen loves reading, shopping, and traveling the world.

Jen Madigan

Ashley Trabue (she/they) is a multi passionate artist and educator currently living in Portland, Maine. Their art and writing have been exhibited and published nationally in Museum 21c, ADC Fine Art, the Nashville Review, and elsewhere. She is the author of Vertebrae chapbook, founder of the Take Back Your Body project and is best known for her creative work around the body, emotions, healing and delight. They are a fierce proponent of presence, curiosity and self-respect, and when they’re not creating or coaching other creatives, you can find them traveling the country with their spouse, hiking, or curled up with a cappuccino and a great book.

Ashley Trabue

A Toxic Relationship

with your business looks like...

Extreme hot or cold

Envying others

Doing what others want all the time

Making excuses or avoiding

Blaming others or outside forces

Failure to Invest (Time, Emotions, or Resources)

Beating yourself up for all of
the above

A Healthy Relationship

with your business looks like...

Knowing your own limits

Prioritizing breaks and rest

Celebrating peers

Celebrating yourself (small wins are big wins)

Checking in with yourself & asking for help

Not competing

Gratitude, Joy, and Peace

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let's get dangerous

Our founder Kristin Sweeting is a wedding photographer turned coach for entrepreneurs. She has built 2 multiple
6-figure businesses while single parenting her son, so she knows how difficult balance and the ebbs and flows of a creative business can be.