I just registered for the Paris half marathon this spring, and the last time I was really training for a race (11 years ago?), I was recovering from an autoimmune disease that had me majorly fatigued, adrenals shot, panic attacks when I’d drive. Had to go through a lot of doctors and treatments and vitamins […]

Changing The Story

Have you started working on your vision board for 2022? I’m noticing some big shifts in my own vision board- it’s not like a “I wanna new car” or “I want to book a million weddings” kinda vision board. It’s focused on presence, adventure, memories, creativity, deepening relationships with myself and others. There’s also some […]

Vision Boarding 2022

The times where we’re just surviving are BIG teachers. And anytime I find myself in this place, I spend some time with my selfie-self asking the tough questions: 1. What boundaries do I need to communicate better next time? 2. What can I outsource?3. How can I ask for help? What support/coaches/mentors do I need in […]

Stop Living in Survival Mode

I work with a lot of really strong women: Driven breadwinners, faithful friends, mothers or caretakers. Y’all can crush a goal, get that promotion, make shit happen. My hyper independence has been a lifeline for me so many times. I proved to myself I can single parent while scaling a business, homeschool while managing a […]

Flowing into 2022

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I'm a wedding photographer turned coach for entrepreneurs. I've built 2 multiple
6-figure businesses while single parenting my 4 year old son, so I know how difficult balance and the ebbs and flows of a creative business can be.