Ok, you know it’s time for a price raise, but you are SCARED AF.  And I’m hearing it a lot from people: Either you-  1. know you need to raise your prices but you’re scared to. 2. or you’ve tried to raise your prices and crickets.  (which one are you??) So what gives??  Is it […]

Ready for a Price Raise as a Creative?

Did I ever tell you the story of my son’s $1200 fart?  One night (while I was single parenting) I was home alone with Hudson and he woke up in the middle of the night (why do emergencies always happen in the middle of the night, btw?) with a terrible stomachache, and I thought he […]

The $1200 Fart – Money Anxiety as a Creative

In 2011 I photographed my first destination wedding. The bride was an acquaintance I went to college with (who later became one of my closest friends) and the groom was a French man she met while she was studying abroad.  I was a young photographer who was so excited to travel the world and celebrate […]

Your Business Can’t Thrive if You Aren’t Thriving

Hello and welcome to Imposter Syndrome – do you ever feel it? The little (loud) voice making you doubt the space you’re about to (or just did) step in to? Questioning your career path, relationships, or bold new move? Reminder: imposter syndrome is a normal thing to experience when we’re growing, breaking old cycles, learning […]

Imposter Syndrome, You Aren’t Alone

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I'm a wedding photographer turned coach for entrepreneurs. I've built 2 multiple
6-figure businesses while single parenting my 4 year old son, so I know how difficult balance and the ebbs and flows of a creative business can be.