Are ya feeling burned out? I used to think you could avoid burnout – but 2020 + 2021 showed us sometimes ya can’t, right? Sometimes life DOES hand us more than we can handle. But when it comes up in our business, the solution isn’t more bubble baths or vacations. Often it’s a little flag […]

Moving Through Burnout

I just registered for the Paris half marathon this spring, and the last time I was really training for a race (11 years ago?), I was recovering from an autoimmune disease that had me majorly fatigued, adrenals shot, panic attacks when I’d drive. Had to go through a lot of doctors and treatments and vitamins […]

Changing The Story

Have you started working on your vision board for 2022? I’m noticing some big shifts in my own vision board- it’s not like a “I wanna new car” or “I want to book a million weddings” kinda vision board. It’s focused on presence, adventure, memories, creativity, deepening relationships with myself and others. There’s also some […]

Vision Boarding 2022

The times where we’re just surviving are BIG teachers. And anytime I find myself in this place, I spend some time with my selfie-self asking the tough questions: 1. What boundaries do I need to communicate better next time? 2. What can I outsource?3. How can I ask for help? What support/coaches/mentors do I need in […]

Stop Living in Survival Mode

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