Albums can be a significant portion of your income! 

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Shooting film shouldn't hurt your piggy bank!

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From gear we love, to our favorite books on business, here is a comprehensive (and always growing) list to help you become a more dangerous business owner. Plus, add on products that will help make your creative business more abundant!

my favorite resources, tools, and equipment for your dangerous business

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Make the Bacon: Selling Albums

10 years of running a photography business, and one of the bigger portions of my income come from ALBUMS. I will preach this until the end of time, but albums are 1. an amazing way to serve your client better 2. make your work look like MAGIC and 3. can be a significant portion of your income! 


Pricing for Profit

This guide was made to help figure out where our pricing needs to be and gives you the tools to plug your own numbers in and work it out for your business! It's specifically geared towards film and hybrid photographers, because while film is making your work shine above the crowd, it also might be hurting your piggy bank, so let's fix that!


Smashing your Sales Calls

This guide was made to help you fill your calendar and seal the deal on inquiries with this simple outline on how to smash your sales calls! 


PJ Profits

Learn why PJ profits are an important part of the four pillar model for a sustainable creative business, get ideas on what PJ profits might look like for you, and generate passive income for your creative business!






Favorite Business Books:

intro cameras:




Client Management Software- I LOVE 17hats for the contracts, invoices, email automations and multiple workflows.

Photographers- deliver gorgeous client galleries with a click. I automate my gallery with Millers Lab so my clients can order professional prints and they get fulfilled automatically!

Course creation made easy, Kajabi is a great way to streamline your course offers/funnels/emails, etc!

intro cameras:



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6-figure businesses while single parenting my 4 year old son, so I know how difficult balance and the ebbs and flows of a creative business can be.