On this episode of the Dangerous Creatives podcast, Kristin is joined by Praise McKenna, a brand photographer and coach based in San Francisco. They chat all things branding, core values, and how to create a  personal and professional brand that keeps people coming back for more.  Praise Santos McKenna is the founder of the branding studio ComePlum […]

Building A Brand That Keeps People Coming Back with Praise McKenna

On this episode of the Dangerous Creatives podcast, Brittany from Brittany Elise Photography joins Kristin as they talk about how to transform your business through service-driven client experiences, in-person sales, building a team, beating income caps, and making real connections with your clients.  Brittany Elise is pioneering the full-service photographer movement teaching photographers how to […]

Serving Your Clients Well Through an Intentional Client Experience with Brittany Elise

Kassi has a booming wedding planning and bespoke bar service business but wants to make more while working less so she can spend more time with her family as her business thrives. On this episode of Dangerous Creatives, Kristin does a live coaching call to help Kassi figure out how to grow into and with […]

My Event Planning Business is Eating Up All My Weekends – I Need More Margin ASAP. A Coaching Episode with Kristin

Today, academic turned photographer and podcast host Bobbi Barbarich joins us on the Dangerous Creatives Podcast. Together, Kristin and Bobbi explore the impact of gratitude, how to stop numbing and start experiencing life more fully, and the gift of staying curious. Bobbi has dedicated herself to storytelling and helping others nurture their confidence by facing their fears safely. She shares her […]

Facing Fear as a Documentary Photographer with Bobbi Barbarich

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Our founder Kristin Sweeting is a wedding photographer turned coach for entrepreneurs. She has built 2 multiple
6-figure businesses while single parenting her son, so she knows how difficult balance and the ebbs and flows of a creative business can be.