Adding more travel to your business starts with getting your booty in the places you want to grow in to. Is more travel something you’ve been wanting to add to your business? Some things to kick start your travel work: 🌿 travel solo personally if you can first- learning how to navigate travel logistics on […]

Ready to add travel into your business?

In an industry that loves fancy things, I’ve always felt a bit different – I play a lot of board games and love to sit down one to one and hear someone’s life story. I don’t wanna work all the time and I don’t need everyone to know my name. I’m more concerned with how […]

Are you the “odd duck” in your industry?

Real talk about raising a fam and building a business You’re ready to start or grow your family. But shit- your business is your baby. How do you plan for/protect your business while your life is drastically changing? Or maybe you’re wondering if you can even have kids and maintain your business? Or you’re just […]

Raising a Family + Running a Business

Hudson was a baby when my dad died. I had postpartum depression, my spouse made 20k a year and we had to FUNDRAISE that. My high risk pregnancy had cost 30k out of pocket and I was so exhausted I couldn’t see straight.  My business was hanging on by a thread and I wasn’t hanging […]

When One Choice Changes Everything

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Our founder Kristin Sweeting is a wedding photographer turned coach for entrepreneurs. She has built 2 multiple
6-figure businesses while single parenting her son, so she knows how difficult balance and the ebbs and flows of a creative business can be.