On this episode of the Dangerous Creatives Podcast, Kristin shares her personal manifestation practice and journey. She shares how her practice has really changed her life in so many ways (bye autoimmune disease, hi life partner, no biggie just 10x her family’s net worth in 5 years!) as well as all the steps she recommends […]

My Personal Manifestation Practice

On this episode of the Dangerous Creatives podcast, Renee Bowen joins Kristin to talk about how to move past that thing that’s really holding you back from becoming the business owner and person you really want to. be – aka your upper limit. Renee shares her wealth of knowledge around mindest, hypnosis, mantras and so […]

How to Identify and Fix Your Upper Limit with Renee Bowen

Today, Kristin talks with Wendy Kay a wedding planner and educator from Birds of a Feather Events and E3, all about pricing tiers as a wedding photographer in 2024. They talk about each tier, how to price accurately for the tier you’re in, and what it takes to move up as you grow in your […]

Pricing Tiers for Wedding Photographers 2024 with Wendy Kay

After 20+ years as a wedding photographer, Melissa G feels ready to start transitioning into mentorship and expanding her business beyond wedding photography and is seeking some perspective on how to make the transition, specifically with marketing. On this live coaching episode of the Dangerous Creative Podcast, Kristin walks Melissa through how to market authentically […]

I’ve Been in Business for 20 Years, Ready for a New Chapter: Coaching Episode with Melissa

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Our founder Kristin Sweeting is a wedding photographer turned coach for entrepreneurs. She has built 2 multiple
6-figure businesses while single parenting her son, so she knows how difficult balance and the ebbs and flows of a creative business can be.