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2023 high level group and 1:1 coaching

jan-may cohort

Join other photographers in this consulting-based mastermind. The work we'll do will be highly individualized,  we'll work together to heal the things holding us back, trying new strategies, doing a deeper level of mindset work, and intentionally growing towards your goals in your business and personal life.

You get the best of both worlds. High level one on one coaching and consulting, plus the benefit of community and group feedback. We find the experience and encouragement from other group members is invaluable within a coaching environment.

The in-person experiences, group coaching, and one on one coaching will all be based around helping you shift your energy to attract in the business and life you want. We will be setting foundations for regenerative growth and challenging your perception of what is possible.

We see our clients grow in many different ways including growing their revenue, expanding their business into new areas, creating new income streams, aligning with their purpose, and creating peaceful routines at home.


“I raised my prices and I'm making triple what I was before” - Abigail

“My average wedding has jumped just in one year from $2,800 to $7,400" - Leslie

"I just booked one of my highest packages EVER, a wedding weekend for $15k"

- skylar

  • Have been in business 5+ years
  • Make a sustainable income but are wanting to grow it in alignment with your values (this number isn’t the same for everyone but growing from 100k to 250/350k is the zone we often see people wanting to work on. And/or increasing your profit margin so you’re taking home a 6 figure salary after taxes and expenses)
  • Are ready to raise your prices and/or create new income streams
  • Already have a steady client base
  • Have the margin to fully participate in this program
  • Know you thrive with group and individual support and are open to collaboration with others
  • Tend to overwork and want to take a more mindful approach to your business
  • Are open to seeing growth from many angles. Financial growth doesn’t happen overnight and growth often comes in relational ways, financial, capacity, time, or inner peace and growth

this is for photographers who...

Kelley W.

"During the mastermind, I made more money and I was able to prioritize joy and fun in my life and in my business."

"The Dangerous Creatives Mastermind with Kristin was truly a life changing experience. What I loved the most was that Kristin is a holistic guide. Yes, she wants to know about your financial goals and the numbers, but she also wants to know about your core values and how to create a thriving business that FEELS good. She is an open book using her past successes and failures to help you. This mastermind was different from a course or mentorship because it’s more of a community where we help and support each other with Kristen as our guide. During the mastermind, I made more money and I was able to prioritize joy and fun in my life and in my business. The lessons learned during the mastermind have stuck with me long after the mastermind ended."

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jenna H.

"I was able to really build a network of people who were there to support my deep dive and cheer me on as I relearned my business from the inside-out."

"When I think about all the education & mentoring I've participated in over my past 17 years of business, they all have one thing in common: they're a mile wide and an inch deep. But with Kristin's mastermind, it was finally an opportunity to go deeper than an inch. It wasn't just a one-off weekend conference or a buy-it-and-forget-it program. It was a relationship - with Kristin, with the other mastermind members, and with my business. It gave me the chance to really dig deeper into who I am as a business owner in a way that felt intuitive and reflective. While in the mastermind, I was able to really build a network of people who were there to support my deep dive and cheer me on as I relearned my business from the inside-out. To feel so seen on that level is something that I will forever carry as my business continues to grow and succeed." 

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only being in 1 coaching program at a time/working with one coach at a time

We love education and educators, but trying to be involved in multiple things at the same time or listening to conflicting information can slow your progress during these 6 months

Blocking off a day a week to work towards your goals that we determine in this program.

Being in therapy or having been in therapy before joining this program.

Business growth brings up a lot of inner stress, past trauma, grief, insecurities. We hold space for all the ways our clients are human but also want to make sure they’re getting the support they need from a licensed mental health professional as we challenge our thought patterns and normal ways of doing business.

we recommend

You’re in this program 1-2 times tops.

We want to support you and then launch you and send you off with the tools to do this work in your own business and community. Retreats and consulting 1:1 support are open to alumni.

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pre-program start date

  • Work through Danger School Online Course
  • Start Identifying Your Values, Growth Zones, and Financial Needs and Goals.

Course breakdown:

month 1: january

  • Onboarding 1:1s - go over expectations and set focus goals based on where you’re at.

We will work WITH you to determine goals, values, and vision for this season on your business. We’ll show you systems for creating aligned financial goals both in business + personally. We’ll help you plan for consistent revenue so there’s less stress + guess work and more confidence + spaciousness in your business operations. We’ll also help you prepare your business and your clients for a sabbatical in July if you want to take one. We’ll also help you find places that you can bring in more revenue to your business RIGHT NOW. Where are the holes where you can serve your clients more fully while creating more income for your business. 

  • Clarifying vision, values, creating aligned goals financially and personally
  • Preparing your clients/business for your sabbatical
  • Setting financial tracking tools and goals
  • Establishing 2-3 things you need to focus on first

month 2: february

  • Pricing, Sales, and Portfolio focus.

Speak very clearly to your clients through a sales process that serves, a portfolio that speaks for itself, and an established voice and niche in your market. We’ll hone your sales process, have time to practice sales calls, focus on pitching projects, and hear from a guest speaker on these topics. We’ll also help you hone your pricing in a way that aligns with your goals and ideal client.

month 3: march

  • Connections that count
  • Non-icky networking
  • Keeping the embers burning
  • Uplifting those around you
  • What platforms do you have/are building and how to leverage them 

If you run a service based business, all you need for a sustainable business is 3-4 really solid connections. But most businesses don’t have these quality connections that send them repeat business like clock work. This month we’ll show you how to do that in a way that is authentic to you, your business, and your life. We’ll challenge your preconceived ideas about networking and show you ways to give back to people as you grow.

month 4: april 

  • You as a leader
  • Team building and outsourcing
  • Honing your skills for visibility and empowering others

It’s your time to become a leader in your industry. What does leadership really look like and how can you do it in an authentic way that serves others. We discuss and build your team, systems, and growth strategy in a simple streamlined way

month 5: May

  • Client experience for this unleveled phase of your business and ideal client marketing/copywriting
  • Marketing strategy session- create one strong lead magnet that can sell your services over and over
  • Automated systems, communication, tracking your numbers 

You’ve been marketing for years, but it feels all over the place and like you can’t ever take a break. Compelling writing and content is one of the most undervalued tools in your business tool belt. We’ll work with you to create messaging, writing, and marketing material that CONNECTS with your dream clients, creates more purpose and understanding in your work, leaves people feeling inspired after working with you. We want to help your business become magnetic, drawing in the people who you’ll have the best time working with. This involves a totally new way of looking at client profiles and sales, and we’ll coach you through serving people in the process.

  • Honing your client profile and copywriting that sings
  • Portfolio curation and social/website audits
  • Sales process redefined

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How it's designed

We’ll have 3 two-hour group calls per month for the 5 months of our cohort where we go over content, assignments, and open the floor to laser coaching and questions

Everyone gets 1 hour long 1:1 call with Kristin once a month

Group Voxer Channel for peer to peer coaching and communication

Optional Retreat Add On:
Tulum Retreat June 5-8
*Lodging and Travel is on your own with discounted group rate at the host hotel.
Surprise activity and food included

We will be accepting a small group of 15 photographers for the Mastermind.

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let's get dangerous

Our founder Kristin Sweeting is a wedding photographer turned coach for entrepreneurs. She has built 2 multiple
6-figure businesses while single parenting her son, so she knows how difficult balance and the ebbs and flows of a creative business can be.