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intuitive and effective business coaching for creatives

"Working with Kristin felt like being cheered on by your best friend who also happens to be a brilliant business-woman and creative."

We worked with Kristin to crystallize an idea and implementation plan for a new online community we had dreamed of for years. In one day she drilled down on the exact concept, strategy and steps we’d need to take to get it going. Her ability to distill big ideas into actionable steps was exactly what we needed for this project. Beyond that, her team provided us with both creative and logistical support to begin our build-out. Working with Kristin felt like being cheered on by your best friend who also happens to be a brilliant business-woman and creative. We are so thankful for the opportunity to witness her magic first-hand. 

-Jessica Lorren & Kat Braman of R E E D. 

andrew says

"The biggest thing Danger School did for me, someone just starting the process of launching my own business, was to get me thinking about my personal core values, the core values of business, and how those overlapped.”

Annie says

"I loved the community and I feel like I built better trust in myself and clarity in my business."

jillian says

“When I started Danger School I only had one 1:1 client and was earning $197 a month. At the end of Danger School, I tripled my rates and signed TWO 1:1 clients for $2500 for a 3 month package.”

rose says

"I’m projected to hit a $9000 month this month! I’ve doubled my monthly revenue again from just a couple of months ago!”

We offer several different types of coaching, click on each offering below to learn more!

pricing 1:1 intensive

education offer 1:1 intensive

3 months of 1:1 coaching

pricing 1:1 intensive

A one day intensive focused on pricing.
This can be virtual or in person in Nashville, TN

Includes a 30 minute follow up call as well as Voxer access for 30 days after your intensive.

education offer 1:1 intensive

A 6 week intensive focused on your education offer. This can be virtual or in person in Nashville, TN

During these 6 weeks, we'll ideate on your offer, will dive into your position in the market, your course topic + workshop an outline, make a marketing plan, discuss pricing, and outline a freebie that naturally leads into your educational offering.

This intensive includes 3 coaching calls and 6 weeks of Voxer access to Kristin.

You'll leave with all of the tools you need to move forward with your course, including implementation on specific items from our VA team.

3 month 1:1 coaching

Two 40 minute coaching calls or one 80 minute call per month

1:1 Voxer text thread for Q+A and support between calls (Kristin checks these Mondays and Thursdays)

Assignments between calls

"I'm on track to make $20k in August! I made $7950 last August - 60% increase. So it's kind of fun to actually look at the money!"


"I'm projected to hit a $9000 month this month! I've doubled my monthly revenue again from just another couple of months ago!"


"One of my couples upgraded their package this week so that's an extra $4k in the bank!”


make a difference

You want to use your talents to make a positive impact on your community, family, and industry. You are passionate about helping and empowering others, and want to grow your impact as well as your mission. We build businesses based in kindness, radical generosity, self acceptance, and abundance.

make the bacon

Financial growth opens up OPTIONS and freedom to build the life of your dreams. Business and personal financial goals are tackled and strategized in our programs and our clients have paid off debt, doubled + tripled their income, and created freedom and security for themselves within months of starting our programs. 

make the rules

There is no better freedom than being your own boss. We focus on leadership, building teams, streamlining, and scaling so that you can keep making that money while also ENJOYING your life, traveling the world (if you want), and hanging with the people you love. YOU get to make the rules of how your life and business run. 


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Our founder Kristin Sweeting is a wedding photographer turned coach for entrepreneurs. She has built 2 multiple
6-figure businesses while single parenting her son, so she knows how difficult balance and the ebbs and flows of a creative business can be.