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You’re waking up in Paris watching the sunrise hit the buildings across from your flat. You can smell the coffee and croissants in the bakery below. Your dream is finally a reality - a month long sabbatical with your family overseas. You booked the dream apartment and are ready to make memories of a lifetime as you capture all of it to cherish for years to come.

You bought that little farm you’ve always dreamed of. Flowers and fruit are covering every inch of your property and you’re even hosting your clients on your property. You love hosting family and friends and laughing over wine and good stories. You use your space as a source of creative inspiration and you generously share it with people in your life who you love.

You’ve been able to grow your business to the point that you can live on half your income. You have 6-figures in your savings account and are starting your Pinterest board to plan your 3 month road trip around the US. You feel confident knowing your future will be covered and you are even able to donate big chunks to causes you care deeply about.

That student loan balance is ZERO and you did it all with funds from your creative business. You’re halfway to a downpayment on your first house and you can’t wait to convert part of it to a creative studio.


Your dreams are beautiful and are being magnetized to you as we speak.

Maybe your creative business has felt less than dream-worthy lately. Inspiration has been hard to find and we’re embarrassed to admit that we don’t really have it together in the financial department.

Everyone else seems like they’re crushing it, and it just feels overwhelming and impossible to figure out where to start on this new path to growth.

Maybe you’re busy and overwhelmed and don’t even know where you’d find the time or energy to grow your business.

Time for a Dangerous Change

In Danger School, we got your back. We teach you how to grow the 4 Pillars of your creative business so that you can chase your beautiful dreams while also FUNDING your dreams, paying your bills, and growing in community with freedom and abundance. 

Not only that, but we help you maximize YOUR energy, talents, and uniqueness. 

Your creative business can be FUN.


You can be finding more joy by pursuing goals that are scientifically proven to produce more happiness and purpose.

And you can be doing it all in a community of creatives who share your values, support and inspire you, hire you, and cheer you on through the rollercoaster of creative business growth.

So here’s what we help you do:

-Raise your prices in a way that will STICK
-Implement proven frameworks for launching and growing
-Track your finances so you’re less anxious month to month
-Market your product or service in a way that feels GOOD and not salesy
-Honor your own energy and creativity
-Build a passive income stream so you have more options
-Talk to your ideal client and book dream projects
-Authentically grow your business through relationships
-What you should be working towards in your personal finances and how to make a plan
-How to free up hours if not DAYS in your schedule so you have more time for the people and things that matter to you

Calls start Sept 29, 2022 thru Feb 23rd, 2023

Does any of that sound good?

one payment of $2500

four payments of $625

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Fall 2022- Spring 2023

coaching call schedule:

Sept 29 - 12 pm
Oct 13 - 7 pm
Oct 27 - 12 pm
Nov 10 - 7 pm
Dec 1 - 12 pm
Dec 15 - 7 pm
Holiday Break — No Calls
Jan 12 - 12 pm
Jan 26 - 7 pm
Feb 9 - 12 pm
Feb 23 - 7 pm

All calls are via Zoom at 12 pm CST or 7 pm CST as indicated below

Here’s where we show you what our clients have been able to accomplish. We have LOADS of case studies and testimonials and we want you to hear their inspiring stories:

So here’s where you get the choice- are you gonna put those dreams off for another year? 

Or are you going to start working towards the life and business of your dreams?

The only way to get there is to START. To kick fear in the butt and jump in to the deep end with #teamdanger here to help you swim (FREEstyle baby!)

Danger School ($2500) or (4 payments of $625) starts Sept 29, 2022 thru Feb 23, 2023!

one payment of $2500

four payments of $625

I'm ready to join!

one payment of $2500

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Grow YOUR business to Freedom!

What's included:

Full Danger School Program and Curriculum

2 Monthly Zoom Coaching Calls with the team

Voxer Channel for Accountability and Community

Email templates, bonus worksheets, specific playbooks and trainings to apply to your business

Let’s go. Hold that promise you made to yourself that has been hard to take action on. I’m ready to see your dream business take shape!

one payment of $2500

four payments of $625

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Calls start Sep 29, 2022 thru Feb 23, 2023

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Have Questions?

Have questions?

contact us to chat more!

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Our founder Kristin Sweeting is  a wedding photographer turned coach for entrepreneurs. She has built 2 multiple
6-figure businesses while single parenting my son, so she knows how difficult balance and the ebbs and flows of a creative business can be.