Bringing Sexy Back (in Business)

I’m here for making business sexy again.

Interests, people, and needs change over time which is why what it takes to stay satisfied in your business might change too.

An unsustainable business (for you) might look like:

– you’re bored or uninspired with what you’re currently doing
you’ve been working for years to build your business and it’s still not covering your basic needs
– there’s more going out (energy, money, time, etc) than is coming in
– you’re tired a lot of the time
– you constantly feel pulled in a million directions
– you feel like you aren’t making the impact you want to be making
– it’s hard to see progress towards what you want

An inspiring business isn’t going to be perfect. You’ll still feel these things some times, but MORE time is spent:

creating work you love
✨ exploring new things
✨ working with awesome people
✨ paying yourself well
✨ growing in ways that feels supportive and aligned
✨ less overthinking
✨ trust in your own progress and path
✨ using your time for things you value

I’ve experienced both ends of this and everything in between – and always invest in coaching or mentoring when I feel myself getting back in one of these patterns where I feel uninspired.

What about you? What gets you inspired in your creative work?

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