Celebrating Yourself

Celebrating a pricing intensive client today who booked a 7500 and an 8500 wedding photo package after our intensive (was booking around 5k before). 🥳🥳🥳🥳

Why is it so hard for us to celebrate ourselves or our peers? It takes practice for most people because we are so trained to just keep moving to the next goalpost or to feel bad about ourselves based on how someone else is doing (or appears to be doing).

Getting better at celebrating is so fun!

To jump up and down when your friends and clients have big revenue months.

To celebrate when you finally do the thing you said you’re gonna do

To be genuinely excited for your friend when they book something instead of you

To pop the bubbles when you make a personal breakthrough

What’s something you’re learning or unlearning to celebrate?

If you’d like to work together to achieve similar goals – learn more about our intensives by applying HERE!

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