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Months ago, I photographed a wedding in Chicago. This couple is kind, beautiful, and so fun. Anyone’s unicorn client for sure. And this wedding was particularly special because I had photographed the bride’s sister’s wedding only a year beforehand. It was like an extension of a story that we had already been telling together. I already knew each family member and could document them from a place of friendship before I even got there. There were levels of understanding and connections that can’t be manufactured. And with photography, you can tell when there is depth to the storytelling or when someone is simply capturing what’s on the surface. Each moment of the day was full of satisfaction and joy and trust. 

I’m not sure about you, but as our attention spans as a society get shorter, and we’re quick to cancel each other, and we potentially swipe left past amazing potential partners and friends every single day… I am pulled in the opposite direction- towards lifelong clients, lifelong friendships, and offline adventures. 

While I was in Chicago, I got to see another past client. When they hired me for their wedding, I was very pregnant with my now 7 year old son.  Our friendship over the years and extended way beyond photographs, as we’ve grown our families in parallel motion. I’ve had the honor of documenting their engagement, wedding, new babies, growing toddlers, business headshots, and random stop-ins when we’re in each other’s towns. It’s an absolute joy to get to watch their family grow and to know we created a friendship out of a working relationship that will last even after the photo sessions end. 

I know they appreciate the photos, but I’m not sure if they understand just how much of a gift it is to me as well. To watch people you care about evolve- it really is spectacular.

Your photographer is so inspired by you. You are the art, and we simply get to crystalize it into photos, and without you, our work wouldn’t exist. You’re our muse, our perpetual “paint me like one of your French girls” moments, and when we get to keep coming back to tell more of the story, it’s like writing the sequel every artist dreams of writing.

So my wish for 2023 is pretty simple: cheers to the lifelong clients- may we all be less transactional and more intentional in everything we do.

*Shout out to Maja, Alex, Karolina, TJ, and Dan and Lorrie for being the lifelong clients I love to brag about.

If this resonated with you, this spring I’m leading a lifelong client shoot at Hybrid Co– will you be there? Would love to have you join me as we think intentionally about our art and businesses.

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