Moving Through Burnout

Are ya feeling burned out?

I used to think you could avoid burnout – but 2020 + 2021 showed us sometimes ya can’t, right? Sometimes life DOES hand us more than we can handle. But when it comes up in our business, the solution isn’t more bubble baths or vacations. Often it’s a little flag waiving telling us something structurally has to change. I’ve become thankful for those little flags because they help me get back on a good path before I wander too far down someone else’s path. And because we are people who change, what qualifies as a sustainable business is going to change for you… a lot… as you change. Fun right?

Anyways- this is a note to say- don’t feel shame if you feel burned out. You’re not alone (even tho burn out makes us feels super alone right?). AND you deserve a business that supports you too.

Some ways to look at structurally changing your business to help you ➡️ through ➡️ burnout (gotta move through it friend or it pops up in other places)

🍑 protect your assets (you)
❤️ raise your prices
😎 incorporate something new and exciting in to your process or business
⚔️ cut out the things making the least impact
🌿 move your office outside or around friends
🌊 re-evaluate your boundaries: communication/social/relational
👩🏼‍🤝‍👩🏾 find people who got your back and can help you honestly evaluate these things and REBUILD

You are worthy of a business that’s got your back (since we know you already have everyone else’s back 😘)

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