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september 25- october 1, 2024

photo by Ingvild Kolnes

Norway is for the adventurous + romantic at heart. Ingvild Kolnes, elopement photographer and podcaster, and Kristin Sweeting will be teaming up for this retreat as we explore the Norwegian fjords, discuss leadership, podcasting, marketing, SEO, and breaking the norms in our business and life. Whether it’s traveling part time or full time, homeschooling, van-lifing, pursuing financial independence, or finding new ways of creating freedom and abundance in your business, we’re here to have all the discussions about doing things differently. 

Come to Norway with me!

Sept 25- Oct 1, 2024


* airfare is not included, payment plans available

photo by Ingvild Kolnes

Each morning, we’ll host workshops and facilitated coaching conversations around these topics:
  • Creating an aligned ideal client avatar
  • Making marketing as fulfilling as your creative work
  • SEO and website strategies to cut down on social media marketing time
  • Group project: Creating group podcasting and shared content collaborations on a topic you’re an expert in or passionate about
  • Brave lifestyle decisions, lifestyle design, and making moves off the beaten path
  • Content creation and partnerships with brands
  • The power of pitching - our sales strategy that brings in dream opportunities and thousands of dollars a month

This will be a more active trip, hiking, train rides through the Norwegian countryside, meeting local artists, exploring small towns, and enjoying time in nature while we explore the most beautiful parts of Norway together. 

This trip is limited to 6 people and we tailor each trip to the attendees, so you’ll be sent a detailed questionnaire after signing up so we can create a growth path that fits with you as we travel together!

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photo by Ingvild Kolnes

Ingvild Kolnes is a Norway based educator and mentor for photographers. She helps talented but overworked photographers get back in touch with the artist they want to be, where they work with dream clients without having to work too much. She does this by helping them build confidence and set boundaries, and teaching them to charge what their work is worth through a 7 step program so they can make a living from their creativity.

Meet our cohost, Ingvild Kolnes


Is this for you?

This trip is for ALL CREATIVE business owners, not just photographers!!

We are a couple and work together. YES! Women, men, and couples are ALL welcome on this trip!

I just started my photography/graphic design/wedding planning/florist business and don’t know where to go from here - yes! This trip will be helpful for all skill levels and you’ll pick up not only technical skills, but also inspiration that will help grow and carry your business for years! You’ll be gleaning from our years in the industry along with the experiences of your fellow travelers.

I’ve been in the business for 10 years and feel stuck and would love to redirect my business - yes! This is not a beginners workshop, although all skill levels are welcome. We’ll be tackling deep issues, learning how we need to push ourselves in our businesses and work, how to figure out what our purpose is with our businesses and art, and how to live an extraordinary life as an artist.

What does tuition cover? 

The fee covers your lodging, your breakfasts and lunches (dinners are on your own), in-country travel, our business/mentoring handbook, admission into any tourist destinations/museums we go to as a group, and expenses for the shoots/learning experiences we do together.

Airfare is NOT included

How do I sign up?

Fill out an application here! Reserve your spot with at least a $1400 deposit, choose your payment plan, and pay up until we go!

“After (study abroad/coaching) there were immediate positive results and getting our bookings back in I have always felt comfortable with photography and the work involved in shooting weddings and sessions, but I have known for a long time that if I want to call myself a professional photographer I needed to get comfortable with the business side of things. Kristin helped me clear my head and prioritize the finer points of business as a photographer, and I instantly saw the improvement. My online presence is more cohesive, I am booking dream weddings and getting paid what I think I’m worth. A real bonus is the network of other photographers that Kristin coached that I have been able to connect with. I can float difficult questions to the group and everyone has their own experiences to offer, which helps me make my own informed decisions. Kristin’s coaching made this job feel a little less lonely and has certainly empowered me as a small business owner and I would highly recommend investing in yourself”

- jen creed

“After updating my portfolio and implementing some of the changes Kristin suggested, I really began to attract many more of my “ideal clients.” This year was my most fully booked to date, and I believe Kristin’s help has played a huge part in that. "

- alyssa joy photo

“I get SO stuck in my own head when I don’t have a community to bounce ideas off of, and this workshop was exactly what I needed to get out of my rut. Kristin has thought of everything - I was so impressed with how they handled even the little things. It was such an empowering and vulnerable week and I feel like I learned something totally eye-opening during every workshop we did!”

- rachel fugate

“Going on a Study Abroad trip was one of the best decisions I made last summer!”

- elli jane photography

"Kristin is the most warm and gracious host. When I travel with my family, I am always the planner - finding where we will stay and planning/booking all of the activities. On this trip, I just showed up and each day was filled with incredible adventures and down time too when we needed it. The balance between business focused workshops and activities was really nice too. I was feeling kind of sad when I got on the plane to leave because I had such a magical experience. I also felt really inspired, happy, and at ease. I wish I had found these trips sooner! I've already booked another and I am sure it will not be my last." 

- jen joseph photography

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