Are you the “odd duck” in your industry?

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In an industry that loves fancy things, I’ve always felt a bit different – I play a lot of board games and love to sit down one to one and hear someone’s life story. I don’t wanna work all the time and I don’t need everyone to know my name. I’m more concerned with how a client treats me and their friends/family than what they’re wearing and I want to connect with people who use their resources to make memories, create opportunities, and help others.

Don’t get me wrong- I believe in running high quality businesses. In charging well for what you do because you’re really good at it and you’ve been doing it a long time, and it makes a massive difference for people. But the most important thing is the core of why. It’s easy to get caught up in wanting to be famous or wanting to be respected in your industry or wanting to “win” at the game. But in the end the thing that will be satisfying is helping people in deeper more meaningful ways, feeling purpose in what you do, and having time in your life to really love and feel loved by your family and friends. Often that path looks different than what’s “expected” or celebrated.

Maybe you feel like an odd duck in your industry too? Like you don’t fit in to a category or don’t see someone doing what you want to do exactly. Do you know the thing that is awesome about this? Really amazing people will find you and work with you. Maybe it’s cuz you’re different, or because you value similar things, or some magical power at be pre-determined it, but whatever it is, you’ll be super thankful that you leaned in to your own uniqueness – because it will let “your kinda good people” find you too.

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