Ready to add travel into your business?

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Adding more travel to your business starts with getting your booty in the places you want to grow in to.

Is more travel something you’ve been wanting to add to your business? Some things to kick start your travel work:

🌿 travel solo personally if you can first- learning how to navigate travel logistics on your own time will give you more confidence in marketing travel work

🌿 travel with, learn from, assist someone who has been doing traveling creative work for years and you can skip a lot of mistakes

🌿 make friends wherever you go- you never know what new adventure or opportunity will come from a new friendship

🌿 go out and make your own opportunities. Lots of people wait for the perfect gig to fall in their lap, and that’s not usually how it happens at first. Go make your own opportunities- pitch that project, suggest that fun idea, create that magic….and more will com

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