Could the Way You’re Thinking About Money be Impacting your Business? An Interview with Shannon Griffin

On this episode of the Dangerous Creatives Podcast, Shannon Griffin joins us to talk all about money mindset. Shannon is a photographer based in South Florida who now specializes in family and boudoir photography, after transitioning out of weddings in 2020. Money mindset is such an important aspect as a creative business owner that is sometimes overlooked. It is crucial when we want to raise our prices and reach a place of abundance. Shannon and Kristin discuss their own personal journeys with money mindset and how that mindset has shifted as they have grown and changed as individuals over the years going through different seasons of life. 

Shannon Griffin is an intimate portrait photographer who’s process is S L O W, highly interactive and contemplative. Her clients become their own muse; and Shannon creates experiences where women feel beautiful, important, powerful and most importantly, valued. She gets to know the women that she photographs on a deep level before ever putting them in front of her lens; believing that the truest art begins with feeling and not technicality. Shannon guides her clients through the entire process and anticipates their needs. She takes pleasure in creating commissioned art for her clients, based on their individuality, and curating photographs that embody their legacy.

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