Danger School Testimonial: Ariel Cameron

Ariel Cameron, a student in our Fall/Spring 2022-2023 cohort shares her experience within our Danger School program. Watch the video above or read the transcript below to learn about Danger School through her eyes!

Hey, Y’all. I’m Ariel Cameron of Ariel Cameron Photography, and I am starting my fourth year of business. I had always planned on investing in a coach of some sort at some point in my business but really had been putting it off. Since starting my business, there has been a global pandemic, I moved states, got pregnant, and became a mom for the first time. So there always just felt like there was too much transition to really invest, which I don’t think is true. That was just kind of a lie I was telling myself to put it off. But ultimately, I was a few months postpartum and Kristin was putting out a podcast series at the time and it was something along the lines of, getting more clients. And at the end of one of the episodes, she gave a challenge to do something, I don’t even remember what it was now, but then said, if that challenge feels like too much right now, here’s another step you can take to still be moving forward. It might be you know, more doable if the other thing just feels like too much. And that day, I went and signed up for Danger School right there.

I was really struggling in the transition to motherhood. Everything felt impossible. I was really overwhelmed and felt like I was always working on the wrong thing, doing the wrong thing, spending my time in the wrong place, and I when I heard Kristin give that challenge, but doing it with so much grace and just understanding, I was like, that’s who I need pushing me. I need someone that is going to keep me putting one foot in front of the other, and show big challenges in the days that I felt like I could do it, but then also would have a lot of grace on the days that were really hard as I was learning a new normal and transitioning to motherhood and running a business and all of those things. And so that was really why I signed up, and that’s exactly why I love it.

I think Kristin and Danger School and the others in my cohort have all been so encouraging. And they are really good examples of building a life you want is possible. And then the day is that things seem really hard, it’s just a great encouragement to have those people surrounding you. Everyone in our cohort, I feel like has faced something recently. And everyone’s just been super encouraging, and I think that’s more valuable than people would really realize.

And so since being in Danger School, I’ve almost doubled my photography prices. I’ve gotten really clear about what my long and short term goals are. There’s a lot of really tangible wins, but I think the biggest thing is really that it has just kept me going. There were days that I really did not think building a business, traveling, investing in my family, being the mom that I wanted… I mean, I really was starting to believe it wasn’t possible to have all of that. And so I think the biggest win that Danger School has given me is reminding me that it is possible. And it’s kept me going and hasn’t allowed me to give up. And I think that is pretty priceless.

And I would just say to anyone that’s considering signing up for Danger School that just do it. I know that I listed those things off at the beginning. It always felt like there was too much transition, that there was too much going on. Oh, if I can just get through this next phase of whatever is happening in my life, then it’ll be the good time to really invest in a coach and start investing in my business. But there’s always gonna be something next, there’s always gonna be a reason to push it off, but I promise you that Danger School does a really great job of walking you through the messy middle parts of business. And so there’s there’s not a perfect time in the way that we think about it. But the perfect time is now. So I would say sign up, invest in your business, and start seeing the breakthroughs come in.

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