Using Storytelling for Better Marketing with Kris Jones – Write Your Elevator Pitch with Us!

On this episode Kris Jones joins us to discuss the important topic of how to apply a story framework by addressing our clients’ problems as business owners. Kris is a Story Brand guide, founder of Red Door Design, and an expert with words and stories. In this episode Kris expands on the Story Brand principles from Donald Miller’s “Building A Story Brand.” Storytelling is an excellent strategy to stand out in a saturated market. By defining our clients’ problems we are able to serve as a guide in solving them with our services. Be sure to stick around to the end of the episode where Kristin and Kris will help guide you through a fun elevator pitch activity that you won’t want to miss!

Kris Jones is a StoryBrand guide & Founder of Red Door Designs. Mentored by the Author of Building a StoryBrand – Donald Miller himself & with over 20 years of experience and clients like Nike & Adidas under her belt, She is extremely passionate about helping small business owners & creative entrepreneurs get a compelling website copy using her Signature Collaborative Process —Copy that sells in 2.5 hours flat.

Kris believes that writing copy for your own business doesn’t have to feel like torture. In fact, once you know how to tell a compelling story, it can actually be fast, easy and fun.

StoryBrand Website Copy That Sells in 2.5 Hours Flat:

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