From $300 to Her Name to a Multi-Million Dollar Wedding Planning Company – Neillie Butler Shares What it Takes to Create Your Own Path to Success

Today, Neillie Butler from Mariée Ami joins Kristin to talk about the evolution of her business, and what it was like to go from $300 in the bank account to running a multi-million dollar wedding planning company with multiple team members. They talk about what business growth really looks like, finding their inner fire, and what it takes to build and sustain a business that delivers every time. 

Neillie Butler, the Founder of Mariee Ami, has been in the event industry for nearly two decades. Most of Neillie’s days are spent overseeing the strategic planning and logistics for our celebrations happening all across the globe, as well as offering mentorship to the next generation of event professionals that make up the planning team.

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