Imposter Syndrome, You Aren’t Alone

Hello and welcome to Imposter Syndrome – do you ever feel it? The little (loud) voice making you doubt the space you’re about to (or just did) step in to? Questioning your career path, relationships, or bold new move?

Reminder: imposter syndrome is a normal thing to experience when we’re growing, breaking old cycles, learning to trust ourselves. Old/toxic cycles often feel safer because they’re familiar and it’s COURAGEOUS WORK to choose something new.

Some things to help:

  • voice it
  • rally your community
  • process it with a safe person before you explode it on someone you care about
  • anticipate it (when you’re hungry, tired, lonely, angry)
  • have people in your corner
  • community community community community

Also do a self check. Being out of alignment with your own integrity can often feel the same as imposter syndrome. Check in and ask “am I doing/considering doing something that doesn’t line up with what I believe to be true and good?”

Then come back to center. Continue moving forward and trusting that you’re on the right path.

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