Building a happier business

We love talking about what makes life and business happier- and basing success on that and the experiences you get to create instead of what we normally consider to be “success.”

Research shows that the following aspects make people the most happy and fulfilled in their life and work: Connection with those you work with, supportive community, time in flow state, environment, meaningful/ purposeful work, and doing good for others.

When we build businesses, we can use this research to inform how we structure things so that we can create an environment of joy, support, and community for ourselves, team, and our clients.

Here’s some things to consider if you want to have a happier (dangerous) business:

  • paying people a living wage ($25-30 minimum)
  • structuring in rest and breaks (sabbaticals anyone?)
  • build in time for connection beyond just the “service”
  • set aside 2-3 90 minute uninterrupted blocks a week to trigger flow state
  • find new or challenging things to add in (we crave growth and challenge in meaningful work)
  • connect your clients to each other too
  • make it fun and memorable
  • find ways to give back regularly

When we’re having fun in our business and bringing joy to people around us, we receive more work, abundance, opportunities, and resources find their way to us too.

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