Make Your Own Magic

It cost me $450 (not including travel) to do this photo shoot 4 years ago. Hired the model, rented the gown, bought the film, and got myself up at the butt crack of dawn in the middle of winter to get this shot. Not only do I still use the images, but it booked me multiple projects and weddings in Paris, sold out two Workshops in France, was published on a national blog on a big holiday, and has been sold as stock images on multiple platforms. As you’re planning out what you want to attract in to your life and business, remember that sometimes we have to take the risk and make the investment (could be time, could be $) in ourselves FIRST. We have to put ourselves in the places we want to be and BELIEVE that our dreams are possible. Where do you want to be this time next year? What dream feels exciting/scary to risk it for? Can’t wait to embrace all that’s coming our way in the months to come!

Talking about attracting in things can also come with a lot of privilege. Maybe time or resources feel super limited, there’s still things we can do right now too- get creative in finding the resources around you. Maybe you can’t hop on a plane, but you can set up something in your backyard in that spot the light is magical or pull in friends to help you. Get really intentional with what is available to you now and have fun!

Don’t just wait for the perfect opportunities to come to you- get out there and make your own magic.

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