Journal Prompts for Change

Do things feel like they’re changing all around you? Maybe you’re waking up to the realization that you want more time with your family or are more introverted than you thought. Or maybe you’re feeling the weight of all the work you’re having to do right now and want to figure out how to make it lighter. Or.. maybe you want to totally change things up.

Most people don’t like change. It’s scary because we can’t anticipate what’s on the other side of it. Most people are more willing to stay in something that they aren’t happy with than try something that they don’t know the result of (even if that change could make them 100x happier). In our fear state, the reward isn’t worth the risk.

If you like journaling, I have some prompts for you. If you aren’t into it, this is a good time to try it again!

  1. What was a time where something changed and you can look back now and be grateful for the change when maybe you didn’t see it in the moment?
  2. Describe a time you felt really peaceful.
  3. Write out how you want to show up in this next season. Confident? What does confident look like? Joyful? What does a joyful person do? Intentional? What intentional actions can you take today?
  4. What things feel stressful or heavy? How can you reduce the amount of time spent on those things or worried about those things?

Business is always shifting for me too. A few years ago (when Danger School was born) I was embodying “Kristin Danger”- having my hot girl summer after a divorce, traveling all over the world, going on rooftop dates in Portugal, and feeling so free. Today I’m feeling like priorities are shifting and new ones are coming to the forefront and a season of DEEPENING and not widening is what growth looks like for me right now. 

What does growth look like for you?

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