Is it Possible to Make 2k-35k per client using IPS? Luci Dumas Tells All!

On today’s episode we will hear from Luci Dumas – photographer, coach, and host of The Profitable Photographer podcast. Luci is an expert in in person sales, or IPS, and she has some amazing knowledge + tips to share with us on the subject. IPS can feel intimidating or unachievable for many photographers in this digital age. Luci debunks these assumptions or preconceived ideas that many of us may have about IPS and shares how it has truly revolutionized her business by increasing her profit and creating a unique experience for her clients. Stick around until the end for an amazing opportunity to work with her!

PPA Master Craftsman Photographer, Coach and Podcast Host, Luci Dumas sells wall portraits. Lots of them! She believes that so much joy comes from having art of those we love as decor in our homes… the more the merrier. Her hearts desire is for her portrait clients to display wall portraits in their homes that become lifetime treasures. And to teach her coaching clients and listeners how to have a thriving business that their clients love and created an amazing income.A full time photographer (also known as “The Baby Whisperer”) for over 3 decadesshe loves sharing her knowledge and secrets to selling 3 to 8 wall portraits almost every time. Her coaching business and podcast are called The Profitable Photographer and you can learn more and find her show at ⁠⁠ or on ⁠YouTube⁠. Also, Luci is gifting 8 “Business of Your Dreams” Strategy Sessions to friends of Marathon Press to start your 2023 off right. Email her at ⁠⁠ or message her on Facebook.

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