ROI of Building a Team with Ashley Ebert from The Abundance Group

Today Kristin chats with the owner of one of the largest wedding planning companies in the country and founder of The Abundance Group, Ashley Ebert. If you have ever thought about building a team, listen up! In this episode Kristin and Ashley talk all about building a team from the beginning stages and what that looks like for current solo entrepreneurs. Once a solo entrepreneur herself, Ashley never would have dreamed that a team could help her scale her wedding planning business to a multiple six figure income. Building a team not only helps you bring in more revenue, it also allows you to have more freedom and live your dream life. These ladies dig into the interesting topics surrounding teams such as limiting beliefs, getting started, becoming a leader, building and selling a business, and more.

When Ashley started her wedding planning company, The Simply Elegant Group, she was a one-woman operation. She never dreamed that years later, she would grow the business to one of the largest planning companies in the country with a team of over 40 employees and over 4 million dollars in sales. As a natural-born connector, she now gets to share what she has learned about leadership and team development through her company The Abundance Group. Her mission is to help over 15,000 service-based entrepreneurs to build their dream businesses by building their teams!

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