The $1200 Fart (Money Anxiety)

Did I ever tell you the story of my son’s $1200 fart? 

One night (while I was single parenting) I was home alone with Hudson and he woke up in the middle of the night (why do emergencies always happen in the middle of the night, btw?) with a terrible stomachache, and I thought he had appendicitis.

So, I rushed him to the nearest hospital, carrying him into the emergency room, getting in to that hospital bed… where he proceeded to fart and immediately feel better. Long story short – that fart cost $1200. 

Money anxiety is very real and there are lots of reasons for money stress, inequity, and generational $ pain (experiencing poverty, broken systems, abuse, racism, and misogyny to name a few) . AND let’s also admit that it’s bullshit that a 3 year old with stomach pain should cost $1200. But while this is the system we live within, facing our finances head on and getting fired up around our numbers can be super empowering! It can also allow us to help others and create more fair and generous worlds around us. I always say numbers are just information and once we have that information we can do things to pivot and adjust in order to reach our goals. Maybe your goals are to make more money! Once you have the information on your current numbers in relation to your goals, you can move forward with purpose and make it super fun!

Because the fact is, there will always be things that come up (or in my example – out) in life that we don’t expect, and working on your money mindset is something you can focus on healing today. That way, when you have your own $1200 fart (or equivalent), you have money set aside and don’t have to panic. And you might even be able to help someone else with their own $1200 fart. When we grow, we get to help others too.

If you’re making under 60-100k and want to grow your business to a sustainable place, Danger School gives you all the tools and community you need to build a thriving business. We’d love for you to join us!

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