Ready for a Price Raise as a Creative?

Ok, you know it’s time for a price raise, but you are SCARED AF. 

And I’m hearing it a lot from people:

Either you- 

1. know you need to raise your prices but you’re scared to.

2. or you’ve tried to raise your prices and crickets. 

(which one are you??)

So what gives?? 

Is it that the market is too saturated? (Hint: no)

Or that people aren’t spending that amount of money? (Hint: nopppppe. I’m seeing those Range Rovers all over town)

Or that your work isn’t good enough? (I mean, possibly, but I’m guessing you’re amazing)

Often the issue is:

1. You’re afraid to try

2. You haven’t see what is possible

3. Your marketing looks like everyone else’s

4. Your inquiry process

5. Lack of community support as you try scary new things


And then this brings up another issue- how do you figure out which one it is for you?

*raises hand*

LISTEN: Stop waiting to raise your prices to a sustainable rate. By the time you feel ready, you may be so burned out you don’t want to anymore. Get around people who are charging more than you and get inspired. Figure out your special sauce and don’t be afraid to STAND OUT. Have someone audit your inquiry process. Get friends around you who are growing too. and simplify that damn pricing/sales page.

P.S. wanna see how I helped a photographer almost double her rates and immediately (within 2 weeks) book over 25k in weddings + projects and 5-figure weddings? Watch this case study

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