Vision Boarding 2022

Have you started working on your vision board for 2022? I’m noticing some big shifts in my own vision board- it’s not like a “I wanna new car” or “I want to book a million weddings” kinda vision board. It’s focused on presence, adventure, memories, creativity, deepening relationships with myself and others. There’s also some pretty serious goals: running a half marathon, traveling with friends, learning more about investing, newly practicing sobriety, writing a book, making a new recipe every week, making my home cozy AF. I find this time of year is so so important for setting intentions for what we want the next year to look like. When I don’t set them, I get swept away in constantly responding to what’s happening around me instead of consciously choosing how I want to move through the world.

I’m using photos from my own life in a big portion of my Vision Board. The thing we often forget is that- WE are the dream. Happiness is in here not out there. Starts with our values and flows out.

❤️This week I’m meeting with friends to schedule intentional travel
❤️Reading “Quit like a woman” by @holly
❤️And joining “Your Best Year Ever” with @michaelhyatt and co. I’ve loved getting to get to know Michael and his team through photographing them over the last few years- and watching up close how they intentionally approach their lives and businesses is so so inspiring.

Tell me something you’re looking forward to in 2022, or check out our FREE Vision Boarding Masterclass HERE.

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