Stop Living in Survival Mode

The times where we’re just surviving are BIG teachers. And anytime I find myself in this place, I spend some time with my selfie-self asking the tough questions:

1. What boundaries do I need to communicate better next time? 
2. What can I outsource?
3. How can I ask for help? What support/coaches/mentors do I need in different areas of my life?
4. How do I need to change my calendar, business, commitments so this isn’t a pattern?
5. Where would a plan have helped this situation?
6. Have my priorities changed and how can I adapt my “plan”?

Sometimes we just can’t prevent them, but often we have a lot more say in how we move through stressful seasons than we want to admit. You can get through this season! AND- if you want it to look different this year, start to make the plan now!

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