Burnout + Raising Your Prices

I see the exhaustion in the eyes of so many friends in creative industries right now. You’re working overtime to care for your clients and personal responsibilities and STILL hitting walls energetically and financially. “I can’t possibly work more right now” and so you accept that this is all you can do.

But raising prices is scary- because what if it doesn’t work and then you’re more stressed?

It’s easy to yell “raise your prices” when the other person has nothing on the line.

When we walk coaching clients through pricing raises, we look at 7 different parts of their business and untangle 3 main mental blocks. We help clients make moves that care for everyone in question: their clients, themselves, and their family.

Here’s one of the 7 things we look at that you can check out for yourself today: is your pricing page over-complicating what you offer? Simplify simplify simplify! It’s one of the easiest first steps to stepping in to your next pricing level ✨✨

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Our founder Kristin Sweeting is a wedding photographer turned coach for entrepreneurs. She has built 2 multiple
6-figure businesses while single parenting her son, so she knows how difficult balance and the ebbs and flows of a creative business can be.