What does growth look like for you?

Have you ever changed your mind on a way to a goal?

I thought I wanted to grow a million dollar online business. It’s kinda touted as the “thing to do” in the online business/entrepreneur community. Got about half way there and realized I wanted something different. True growth looks different *for me* – at least right now.

Have you ever abandoned a plan and redirected? …it’s a trip. It’s very easy to absorb someone else’s goals because of what we see on the internet or in our circles or what we assume is better on the “other side.”

You’ve probably always been really really good at hitting goals- but then the goal-post moves and life keeps going and it never really makes you happy the way you think it should.

In my own business – things that have always worked (and that have brought me a lot of beautiful things and friendships) I’m stepping back from, and letting new things, space, and joy fill their place. I’m going deeper with my family, friends, and clients and doing the messy work of getting to the root of things instead of skimming the surface. 

Maybe you want to go deeper instead of wider. So many of the people I talk to feel the same way. And it looks different than what “is expected” ✨

Maybe you want to feel loved apart from your work and to stop using that as the thing that validates your existence.

Just here to say I’m doing it with you. It’s not easy but it feels more true. Diverting your path when you feel the nudge is courageous and deepening your impact instead of widening it should be celebrated just as much. ❤️❤️

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