Crush people pleasing in your business and build on your terms with Ashley Blair

On this episode of The Dangerous Creatives Podcast, Kristin chats with Ashley Blair, a TN based wedding and boudoir photographer. Ashley shares her journey of starting her business and rebuilding it in a more intentional way based on her core values, and how she ensures that she is working with the most aligned clients, including some questions she asks to determine if a potential client is a good fit for her.

Ashley also opens up about her fear of failure and how she is constantly working to overcome it, including how launching something new to her existing client base paid off, and the lessons she learned along the way. She emphasizes the importance of normalizing things that don’t work and how “failure” can be something you learn from. Join us for this inspiring conversation, and if you enjoy this episode, please leave us a review and subscribe to our podcast for more inspiring stories from creative entrepreneurs.

Ashley is the owner of Ashley Blair Photography in Nashville, Tennessee. She specializes in weddings and boudoir, and has been in business since 2017. She is passionate about documenting deep connection and helping her clients feel present and beautiful in their own skin. She loves spending time with her family, husband, and two cats, and likes to be outside whenever possible!

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