Improve Your Website and Book More Clients with Ingvild Kolnes

On this episode of the Dangerous Creatives podcast, we did a podcast swap with our friend and photographer/educator Ingvild Kolnes. Ingvild is based in Norway and shares her expertise on how to improve your website so it’s working for you! She shares her story of the tweaks she’s made to her own site in order to continuously bring in inquiries even when she’s on vacation, as well as tons of practical tips you can implement right now to help improve your own website. Enjoy the episode!

Show notes:

You probably have a website for your business. It might be really pretty, and hopefully, it shows up in search results. Your website can do the heavy lifting for you, getting you those inquiries while you take care of other stuff in your business. It’s super useful when your site pops up in relevant Google searches. That’s where SEO helps out, making your photography business more noticeable when people search on Google.

But getting messages isn’t just about having a site that shows up in searches. In this episode, you’ll find out how vital it is to have a website that actually gets the job done if you want to get booked. Your website should work for you. 

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