I Want To Increase My Revenue As A Wedding Photographer But I Live In A Rural Area: Process Series

Today’s podcast features a new segment where we will be sharing live coaching calls with our community! This episode features fellow photographer, Allison Lee, as Kristin coaches her through raising her prices. Allison is located in a small rural town on the border of Canada and she averages 26 weddings per year. Her goal is to raise her prices and take on less weddings to meet her financial goal per year while also having a better work/life balance. Family and quality time spent with her husband and dog are most important to her at the moment. Does this sound like you? Tune in to hear what advice and plan Kristin gives Allison!

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Connect with Allison:

Allison is the owner of AllisonLee Photography based out of Northern New York. She specializes in Weddings, Branding with a sprinkling of Family photography. Allison has had a camera in her hands for as long as she can remember, but went full time in her business in 2021. Growing up on a 7th generation farm has instilled in her the importance of legacy memories that she captures for generations to come. She is a lover of the sunshine & outdoors and enjoys exploring with her husband and rescue dog. 


Instagram: ⁠allisonleephotographyny⁠

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