Pursuing Multiple Passions with Joy and Alignment Featuring Brooke Schultz

Brooke Schultz  joins Kristin on this episode to talk about one of Kristin’s favorite topics which is multi-passionate creatives. Brooke defines herself as a multi-passionate creative person who is currently a family photographer, educator, musical writer, painter, magazine creator, and mother. As creatives we sometimes feel the societal push to stick to one creative niche without ever branching out or dabbling in other creative avenues. Brooke and Kristin chat about the benefits of being multi-passionate and how to stop those limiting beliefs that may be holding you back.

Brooke Schultz is a multi passionate creator, family photographer and industry educator who helps women live their most wildly creative lives in art and beyond through her podcast, Wildly Creative Life.

Her work has been featured in places like Oprah, Martha Stewart, and Parents, but whether she’s writing a musical about motherhood or photographing families, she’s most fascinated by wrapping creativity around the amazing, excruciating chance to choose love in a family every day. 

Connect with Brooke:

Brooke Schultz Photography

Wildly Creative Life Podcast

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