Inquiries Down? Consider This First – Podcast Swap with Annemie Tonken and the This Can’t Be That Hard Podcast

This episode of the Dangerous Creatives podcast features a podcast swap with Annemie Tonken, Photographer, Business Mentor and Host of the This Can’t Be That Hard podcast. If your inquiries have been down lately, and you’ve been considering a shift in your prices or any other major shift in your business, today’s episode is for you. Annemie covers how pricing is just one piece of the bigger business model puzzle and how having a well-aligned business model is vital to running a successful business.

Annemie has been a family photographer since 2010 and is now an educator, speaker, and podcaster focusing on business systems and strategies that help creative entrepreneurs run profitable, sustainable businesses they love. She’s the host of This Can’t Be That Hard, a top-rated, weekly business podcast for photographers and is the creator of the Simple Sales System, which is used by thousands of photographers worldwide to create in-person sales-level income and service in an automated, workflow-friendly way. If you’re looking for a friendly-but-never-sugar-coated business bestie, Annemie’s your gal.

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