I’ve Put So Much Time Into Building My Photography Business…What If It’s Not What I Want To Do Anymore?

On today’s episode, Kristin does a live coaching call with a wedding photographer who has found wonderful success in the luxury market but feels a disconnect between her work and her passion. Ariel is a wedding photographer, mom, travel enthusiast, expert accountability partner, and friend who is ready to incorporate more of her passions into her work but feels as though she’s not enough of an expert to start offering certain services. Kristin helps Ariel stop overthinking, move past perceived barriers to entry and recognize the places where she can already add value to bridge the gap between Ariel’s current career and her dreams for the future. 

Ariel Cameron is a documentary-style wedding photographer serving the southeast and celebrations worldwide. She believes in celebrating all love and wants to document the people who mean the most to you. After photographing weddings for a few years, Ariel has found her specialty is documenting wedding days with a mix of mediums using both digital and film formats. She’s been featured in Carats & Cake, Modern Luxury, Brides & Weddings, and more. When she’s not documenting wedding weekends, you can find Ariel making memories of her own with her husband, daughter, and friends, cheering on her many favorited sports teams, or packing a suitcase for her next getaway. 

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