Pricing Tiers for Wedding Photographers 2024 with Wendy Kay

Today, Kristin talks with Wendy Kay a wedding planner and educator from Birds of a Feather Events and E3, all about pricing tiers as a wedding photographer in 2024. They talk about each tier, how to price accurately for the tier you’re in, and what it takes to move up as you grow in your business. Wendy shares her advice and experience as a planner and coach and shares valuable insight into some of the ins and outs of reaching those luxury wedding goals as a wedding photographer.

Thriving on creating something from nothing, Wendy welcomes the creative challenge and complex logistics required to (literally) build an event from the ground up. From design conception to collaborating with the creative team and directing the day-of execution, Wendy respects each stage of the wedding planning process, considering the journey just as important as the destination. A former television producer, Wendy transferred her talents from directing live TV to weddings. Over a decade since creating Birds of a Feather events, she continues to lean on her problem-resolving skills while remaining quick on her feet on event days. Named a Top Wedding Planner and Event Designer by Martha Stewart Weddings and Best Wedding Planner in America by BRIDES, Wendy really is an “Idea Machine.” Whether cozy interiors, artful window displays, or wizardly worlds, Wendy uses her love of set design as inspiration to translate the stories of her clients through unexpected details. Wendy’s clients connect to her calm demeanor, sharp wit, and surprising knowledge of pop culture. A diplomatic straight shooter, she guides her clients through potentially sticky situations with transparency, tact, and, most importantly–humor.  Today, after 14 years of owning her own planning and design business, much of Wendy’s time is focused on educating other vendors on best business practices to transform their own businesses through honesty and “tough love”.  When not taking care of business, you’ll find Wendy on the couch watching Ru Paul’s Drag Race with her husband and four cats: Monkey, Kitten, Bobbi Newport, and Pooter.

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