Thriving Artists are Investors

Artists used to have patrons who supported them financially, and I’m guessing that came with some seriously weird strings attached. Now we GET TO BE our own patrons, and one of the ways to do that is to get really really good at investing.

I don’t just mean with money (but also that).

🥂 investing in people- creative work isn’t made in a vacuum. There is so much beauty to experience by investing and believing in others. When success is a community project, everyone wins. Giving back time and resources is a gift that keeps giving.

investing in yourself- your emotional and physical health is important. Because creative people feel things so deeply, we often struggle with anxiety, depression, and addiction. Investing in ourselves creates emotional sustainability not just financial.

🥂 investing in education- knowledge sparks creativity and growth. Many people feel like hundreds of thousands on an art/photography/music education isn’t worth it, AND there are ways to find professional development, mentorship, coaching, and workshops in basically anything you might be interested. Seek out opportunities to get better at what you do.

get good with money. Making smart financial investments, learning how to budget, paying off debt, and forming new patterns are a huge part of sustaining creative energy. Look at Maslow’s hierarchy of needs- it’s very hard to be creative or innovative when we are scared or don’t know how to pay our bills. Investing in your financial future IS investing in your creative career.

🥂 invest in your future- think ahead to what kind of assets might protect you in the future. Does your business have assets that you can sell in the future? IRAs and SEP accounts are great for self employed people (and saving is sexier than it might sound). Maybe you love taking risks, but make sure your risky moves are also balanced with some low-risk ones.

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